Public Policy Committee

4th Tuesday of the month at 3:30 PM

Co-Chairman Bill Carroll (EEC)

Co-Chairman Courtney Tejeda (TEP)

The Public Policy Committee’s mission is to monitor governmental jurisdictions for emerging policies, rules and ordinances that impact MPA members. This committee and its related sub-committees are composed of only MPA members. These committees are both reactive and proactive. While these members identify issues in the region as related to the different committee issues, they are also mobilized to respond to important legislation, process, fees or regulation changes. This group develops strong networks and relationships between members, governmental staff and elected officials in metropolitan Pima County.

As policy related to the below topics are brought forth at the general Public Policy Committee, it is assigned to ad-hoc committees based upon the scope of the issue and committee focus areas and expertise.


Built Environment:

Urban infill, comprehensive and general plan amendments, code changes. 

Regional & Economic Development:

PAG initiatives, incorporation and annexation, long range planning efforts, General Plans

Government Finances

Development fees, impact fees, bonding initiatives, land sale and acquisition. 

Environment & Sustainability:

Multi-Species Conservation Plan, Riparian Habitat Mitigation, Environmentally Sensitive Land Ordinances, EPA rulings. 

Community Infrastructure:

Transportation Improvement Plans, RTA initiatives, water and wastewater, utilities, planning and development department procedures.