I have been involved in MPA for almost a decade.  MPA is the group in Tucson that is actively addressing development issues and having great results.  Their breakfasts provide a wealth of information and are a great networking opportunity.  For my money, MPA is the organization to join.

William “Bill” Carroll, Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc. (EEC)

MPA has proven itself to be an invaluable voice for sound community planning in Pima County.  Collaborative, informative, educational and pragmatic. What more could we ask for? That is why I have been a supporter and board member for many years.

Walter Hoge, Rio West

MPA is one of the few organizations that truly gets down into the trenches and actually makes things happen to improve our regions quality of life and business environment.  MPA does this through a collaborative effort with local jurisdictions, creating intelligent solutions to our community's planning, development and growth challenges.

Thomas J. Nieman‬, PICOR

MPA has been very helpful in bringing people together with diverse perspectives and giving us advice on policy and regulations. I really appreciate this organization as an entity that provides a “bridge” between the public and private sectors.

Sarah More, Sahuarita Planning and Building Director

(Regarding the change in Pima County sewer connection fees) ”I believe [MPA] saved my company a million dollars.”

Roger Karber, Aerie Development

As a firm primarily involved in public sector work,  BWS Architects has  gained access to  whole new segment of the regional development community through our membership and engagement in MPA.     MPA also provides an extraordinary opportunity to interact with our clients on relevant issues beyond the scope of any one individual project. It helps us to have a richer understanding of  our client’s goals and objectives from a broader perspective and to be part of the positive resolution of impediments to our mutual success.

Robin Shambach, Principal at BWS Architects

The Town of Marana finds value in partnering with MPA. We highly respect MPA's leadership and the methods they use in trying to create resolutions that benefit the entire community.

Mayor Ed Honea, Town of Marana

As a development consultant, supporting MPA is a no-brainer--it is the region’s advocate for the commercial real estate industry.

Lucinda Smedley, Real Estate Consulting Group (RECG) and TREND Report

Since joining MPA, we have met many peers that share the same goals and values for development within the region. In addition, CYPRESS has become involved in several MPA Committees that operate on the forefront of policy change which is invaluable for our business and keeps us better informed. In a Town full of “alphabet” groups, MPA stands out as one of the few that brings together so many within the development community and has a strong voice as a result.

Kevin Hall, Cypress Civil Development

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of both the speakers and the content of the P3 Seminar... Given the quality of speaker(s) and information provided,  MPA could have easily charged 10 times the amount and I still would have felt it to be a terrific value.

John Lynch, Operations Manager, Tetra Tech

We’ve been members of MPA for over a decade. The organization is one of a kind in our region, in part because MPA is a powerful voice for reasoned, thoughtful policy on real estate and land development in Southern Arizona. It has been valuable for our company to be involved in the discussion and the effort for our community’s stakeholders to find common ground on issues that affect us all.

Jeremy Sharpe, Rancho Sahuarita Company

(Regarding sewer connection fees) GREAT JOB!!!!!  Well worth my dues!

Jeff Grobstein, Meritage Homes

The MPA leadership does an outstanding job of identifying, researching and bringing complex issues to the community's attention. By addressing issues in a collaborative manner, MPA helps bring diverse interests together for thoughtful consideration and productive outcomes.

Jan Gordley, Gordley Design Group, Inc.

The Town appreciates the great work performed on a daily basis by the Metropolitan Pima Alliance and its members. Their efforts create a strong climate for economic growth across the region

Gilbert Davidson, Marana Town Manager

In my 2011 State of the Town Address, I emphasized the importance of community partnerships in building a strong framework for our region. The Metropolitan Pima Alliance’s Common Ground Award not only recognizes these partnerships, but raises awareness of their value and fosters ongoing collaboration within our community.

Dr. Satish Hiremath, Mayor, Town of Oro Valley

MPA assembled a diverse group of development professionals to better Oro Valley's Landscape Conservation Code. In truth - I expected advocacy to "just say no". It was quite the opposite - and the collaboration proved very helpful. The final product is creative, purposeful, and realistic.

Bayer Vella , Oro Valley Conservation and Sustainability Manager

MPA provides a valuable service to our community by advocating for intelligent discourse on issues that will affect the look and feel of our region for years to come.  Pima County looks forward to a continuing dialogue with business and industrial leaders regarding the environmental and economic future of our region.

Chuck Huckelberry, Pima County