As part of our work throughout the community, MPA hosts an annual event called Wild Ride. This event gives the community an opportunity to see a ground-level view of the land use planning and development process, as well as the economic development of a particular community. MPA chooses a region to explore and creates an entire half-day, interactive seminar in that area. Event attendees load up on buses and drive a designated route as established by the Wild Ride Committee. Bus hosts narrate the sites and development activities along the route.  As part of the seminar, there is a sitdown keynote speaker portion where community leaders speak on relevant topics as related to the area highlighted. Hundreds of people from all over the community attend this extremely informative event. Attendees include elected officials, government staff, business leaders, and community activists. This event is not only an education, it is also a remarkable networking and marketing event due to the diversity of the attendees.

2018 Wild Ride

2018 Wild Ride Project, The University of Arizona, an Economic Engine.