In trying to serve its membership and promote responsible community planning and development, Metropolitan Pima Alliance remains active in public policies throughout the region. We support regionalism and working towards long term planning that connects our community and helps us grow in a responsible manner. MPA’s Public Policy Committees works with the Executive Director and Governmental Relations Director in responding to local policies that impact land development.  Our members directly help shape public policy because staff depends on the experiences and expertise of its members when negotiating the terms of policies and ordinances due to the complexity of many issues.   We encourage members to contact staff or Board Members when there is an issue of concern as related to our core policy statements as approved by the Board of Directors.



MPA recognizes a strong local economy requires a balance between business, neighborhoods and the environment. We believe that we must create a beautiful built and natural environment that promotes sustainable living. Secondarily, we must support commerce and growth, creating a business and political environment that encourages business retention, expansion, and recruitment in Pima County. In trying to maintain this balance and foster a robust economy, we encourage collaboration and finding common ground.




 Annexation & Incorporation

MPA supports annexation and incorporation of unincorporated areas to bring state-shared revenue (HURF) dollars and increased voter representation to the municipalities located in Pima County.


Mining in Arizona, specifically copper mining, has been a major industry since the 19th century. It is one of the historic five C’s driving the Arizona economy: Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate. Today, copper mine production continues to be a vital part of Arizona’s economy and sound public policy is essential to Arizona’s mining industry.

 Defense Industry

MPA recognizes the significant contributions that DMAFB and the Air National Guard brings to our community, in addition to the private sector defense companies that support their mission; we support the men and women of our armed services. Long range land use planning for these operations and the surrounding areas should ensure flexibility for change and accommodate expansion.

 Tucson International Airport

MPA supports the mission of Tucson International Airport and long range planning to encourage TIA’s economic contributions to the Tucson community as well as avoiding negative effects to major, neighboring employers (DMAFB, Arizona National Guard, Raytheon).


MPA believes there is no better taxpayer investment than public education. A strong, competitive school system builds strong communities and strong economy. Skilled workers attract and retain new businesses to our community.


MPA recognizes the importance of the healthcare, bio-science, and medical industries as regional resources for providing medical care and emergency medicine as well as education and community outreach. These resources are necessary for a viable and growing community.




 Development and Impact Fees

MPA recognizes there is a cost associated with reviewing and approving plans and issuing building permits; we support the position that those who benefit from new growth should pay only their proportionate share of the public facilities necessary to serve new growth and development.  MPA remains engaged with local governments in reviewing fees to insure they are fair and reasonable.


MPA recognizes that property and sales taxes are necessary for local governments to provide necessary services.  MPA strongly supports equitable taxation.




 Conservation/ Endangered Species/Habitat

MPA recognizes the importance of sensitive land use planning and preservation of designated natural areas. We believe there must be a balance of these policies to encourage responsible development.





MPA advocates for transportation planning and infrastructure to achieve safe and efficient sustainable transportation services. It is important for the region to have an integrated transportation system consisting of air, rail, freight, and roads.


MPA supports utility providers in their mission of providing quality service and ensuring public safety.  MPA recognizes the importance of encouraging conservation and utilizing renewable resources.

 Public Transit

MPA believes that public transportation is a crucial service and supports the effort to improve our regions infrastructure in place while adding new systems such as the modern streetcar and light rail systems to grow the downtown area and encourage development and increased economic activity. MPA encourages public investment in the transit system that is fiscally sustainable.



 Design Standards

MPA encourages flexible and reasonable standards that allow a community to blend into its settings while being economically feasible for the builder, and appropriate for the market and neighboring areas.

 Development Administrative Policies

MPA actively works to streamline government processes required for development. MPA recognizes the importance of a properly staffed planning and building department and encourages its members to provide information on their experiences within this process.

 Downtown, Infill Development & Revitalization

MPA encourages downtown and infill development to revitalize our urban core and take advantage of existing roads and public transportation.  MPA encourages incentives to balance the additional costs of developing within urban areas.

 Green Building

MPA supports the creation of policies that encourage green building designs through incentive programs.



MPA is a non-partisan organization that believes compromise and collaboration should be used in creating all public policies. For this reason, MPA does not endorse candidates because our mission is to find common ground- regardless of political affiliation.