Current Issues

MPA advocacy efforts have led to millions of dollars in savings in time and money for the land use industry. MPA facilitates dialogue between the public and private sector to find common ground on important issues related to fees, policies and regulation.

City of Tucson

  • Tucson Water Process, Time Frames and Standards
  • Drainage -“Standards Manual for Drainage Design and Floodplain Management in Tucson, Arizona” (Standards Manual/UDC 7.14.4)
  • Environmental Services Technical Manual Revisions
  • Rezoning fees
  • Reintroduce possible “CDRC” Standards
Pima County
  • RWRD
  • PCRFCD -Preliminary Water Integrated Management Plan
  • PCRFCD – Ruthrauff Basin Mgmt. Plan Infill Incentives
  • Pima County Subdivision Street Standards
  • PC RWRD Design Standards
  • PCRWRD & Development Services – New Process/Procedures
  • Pima County Department of Transportation – Landscape Manual
Oro Valley
  • Future of OV CDRB
  • Development process
Town of Marana
  • Land Development Code
  • Development fees
  • Sign Code

Town of Sahuarita

  • Parks & Recreational Area Design Standards Manual
  • Sign Code


  • Expanding features of economic development and infrastructure map
  • Working to standardize submittal requirements across the region
  • Advocating for retention of the Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET)
  • Serves on PAG Economic Vitality Committee

Completed Issues

MPA worked collaboratively in a leadership or supporting role on the following items including, but not exclusive to:

  • Streamlining of City of Tucson Sign Code
  • Updated Pima County Subdivision Design Standards to extend maintenance life of streets
  • Engaged by Pima County to resolve issues between utility installation and transportation projects that resulted in creating a new position at the County
  • Reduced sewer connection fees on new development by 60%-100% in some situations
  • Created over $1 million in sewer connection fee credits
  • Eliminated majority of connection fees for Tenant Improvements
  • Worked to streamline Pima County Development Services Department creating quantifiable and qualitative customer service data and significant reduction in review times
  • Reduced copper and metal theft through a public outreach campaign, local legislation and State legislation
  • Provided significant comments and feedback regarding Plan Tucson that led to a new economic development section that was voter ratified
  • Worked with Town of Oro Valley on increasing the options for General Plan Amendments
  • Pima County Retention and Detention Standards
  • Worked to increase incentives for City of Tucson Infill Incentive District
  • Worked with stakeholders to create and support Pima County Multi-Species Conservation Plan