About MPA

MPA works to create a prosperous community by promoting collaborative real estate development policies, building partnerships and finding common ground. 


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Modeled after Phoenix’s Valley Partnership, in 1997 a small group of individuals came together to discuss the need for an organization that could unify individuals to pragmatically deal with development and growth related issues in Pima County.  This vision translated to the organization that now exists as Metropolitan Pima Alliance (MPA). MPA’s focus is to create sensible community planning solutions by encouraging and assembling reasonable and respectful discussion amongst diverse groups and interests.

Unique to the region, MPA is an alliance of business, government and non-profit organizations. MPA’s goals directly relate to improving our region’s quality of life and economic vitality and to that end, MPA strongly believes in the positive participation and contributions of the private business sector working in collaboration with local jurisdictions. Land development is the foundation of economic development and our role in the community is to advocate for balanced residential and commercial land use policies that stimulate economic development and reasonably preserves our natural environment.

MPA’s goal is to participate, educate and influence public policy and decision making for Metropolitan Pima County.  Since its inception, MPA has grown to become a major voice in the community on growth related issues.

Aside from policy creation, MPA brings the community together. Our two signature events, Wild Ride and Common Ground work to bring people together and showcase the positive activities in our community. The Wild Ride event promotes our community from the ground level during a hands on tour while the Common Ground Awards ceremony celebrates the essence of MPA- Finding common ground between the public and private sector, common ground between land development and environmental protections and  common ground between current residents and the future population.